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Flowering Cactus Species Print

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Fifteen watercolor illustrations of a wide range of cactus species, featuring the flowers of each plant. Each species is numbered and identified at the bottom of the image.

12" x 16" inch print on matte fine art paper. 

1. Echinocereus reichenbachii
2. Gymnolycium bruchii
3. Echinopsis 'Rose Quartz'
4. Copiapoa tenuissima
5. Echinopsis subdenutata 'dominoes'
6. Gymnocalycium anisitsii
7. Mammillaria backebergiana
8. Parodia magnifica
9. Echinocereus triglochidiatus
10. Mammillaria bocosana
11. Carnegiea gigantea
12. Rebutia 'sunrise'
13. Parodia werneri
14. Opuntia humifusa
15. Mammillaria gracilis

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